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Jan. 18, 2023

Ep 038 Beyond Animal Communication: How to Deepen Your Connection | Guest: Dr. Susan Fay

Ep 038 Beyond Animal Communication: How to Deepen Your Connection | Guest: Dr. Susan Fay
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If you are curious about how to elevate your connection to, and communications with, your animal companions, then listen up. Spoiler alert! These techniques work with people, too!

Julia Marie welcomes Dr. Susan Fay to the show, and they have a wide-ranging discussion about Susan's journey from sensitive, intuitive horse-loving human to an advocate for improved connections between all species including human-to-human connections.
Susan shares the story about the evolution of her understanding through her decades-long relationship with a horse called Tank, and how their collaboration led to her discovery of a better way to interact with our animal friends.

In Part 1 of this 2-part conversation, you will hear about 

  • what it's like to grow up as a sensitive child in the 1960s
  • what it means to use both sides of your brain, and why you might want to
  • how animals relate energetically in a way humans could remember, and how this would improve our world
  • learn how proper visualization is a way to manifest what you desire to experience in this life
  • hear how she dreamed the book before she wrote it, and
  • we close this episode with a discussion about the part brain waves play in the process

There's a lot in here, you might want to listen to it twice!
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Website: drsusanfay.com
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/522160665423033/
Sacred Spaces - Communion with the horse through science and spirit:


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Ep 038 From Connection to Communion Guest- DrSusanFay 
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Julia Marie (00:00):
Hey everybody, I'm Julia Marie, your experienced guide to the Other Side in This is the place for Spirited Conversations for Awakening Souls. Take a break from your busy schedule and listen to this.
Welcome to Evolving Humans. I'm your host, Julia Marie, and this podcast is for visionary people like you who are exploring the true nature of reality and want to contribute to the global awakening. You seek to
deepen the connection to your multidimensional self so that you can live a more conscious life. Did you know don't need an animal communicator in order to connect with your animal friends. Today on evolving humans, we'll be talking about how to communicate energetically with our animal companions.
My guest today is Dr. Susan Fay. I've known her for almost a decade and can't wait to introduce you to her incredible work. Dr. Fay is an internationally known speaker, clinician, consultant, and the author of Sacred Spaces, communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit. Susan is a highly intuitive person herself and an accomplished horsewoman. She's devoted to enhancing the lives of both horses and
humans. And her passion is to help people discover more about their own innate human capabilities so that they can unlock the keys to energetic communication with their animal companions. Welcome to the show, Susan, and thank you so much for spending time with us today.
Dr. Susan Fay (01:42):
Oh, I am so honored to be here and this should be a lot of fun.
Julia Marie (01:48):
I'm always curious how a person opens to the spiritual side. So what was it like to grow up in Susie's house?
Dr. Susan Fay (01:58):
In Susie's house? It was, it's really interesting because my first conscious thoughts were really about still being connected to the spiritual world, but always feeling like the people around me were not connected in the same sort of way. And that was always baffling to me. It's like, why can't people feel these things? Why don't they notice these things and why do I notice? And so a lot of that was about, I
know my grandmother one time, she could see things, she could predict things, and I think there was this big connection with her and that her abilities. And then as I was growing up, there were some things that happened in our society back in the 1950s, 1960s where that kind of thing wasn't acceptable. You were looked at as frightening, scary. You intimidated people if you had those abilities, and so I believe
what they did to her, they called it they were going to fix her and they fixed her with shock therapy. And so I think then all those abilities went away and somewhere inside of me, even though I wasn't aware of what was happening at some level of consciousness, I was aware that it was not safe to speak of these
things or to show anyone what you could do or what you were feeling that wasn't considered normal. So my younger life was, I kept a lot of that secret and didn't talk about it.
Julia Marie (03:41):
Well, you didn't have anyone you felt safe talking to and the one person you had a connection to, they did not good things to and as a child, we just want to survive.
Dr. Susan Fay (03:53):

Julia Marie (03:54):
How did that shape the rest of your life though moving forward? That had to have had an impact
Dr. Susan Fay (04:01):
And it did, and I believe it comes to where I started focusing a lot on the science. I will be a scientist instead of an intuitive person, so I'm going to school and I'm immersing in all the science, and I was one of the few girls in my class that actually did well in science and math and I just kept in that realm because that was safe to a certain degree. It still wasn't safer for women back in my day to be in the
science field, but it was safer than going out there and being in the intuitive place. So I really developed those science things, but my science was always kind of secretly fed by my intuition. I was also delving into looking at consciousness and studying that and how do we do hypnosis and what states of mind can
you get to with hypnosis? So those things were kind of secretly things that I was doing on the side while I was looking normal out to the real world or the real world, the other world.
Julia Marie (05:13):
That's why I really like to explore this part of my guest's lives because now I can see for my own self, even though I know your story, just how the breadcrumbs really were laid out for you, even though you weren't consciously necessarily aware, this is where my awareness is leading me and still you were led through the desires that you had.
Dr. Susan Fay (05:40):
Julia Marie (05:41):
So you're secretly a whole brain functioning person, aren't you?
Dr. Susan Fay (05:45):
Yes. Yeah, and I think that's really important that when I studied all the brain stuff, it was one of those things like I need to feed both sides of the brain. I need to do creative things. I need to do the intuition and I like to do the science. I've kind of told people recently they, they've noticed that I go both. I go both ways and they say, how do you do that? And I don't even know because it's been such a long time,
but I feel like they're integrally woven together now that I could not separate them into here's my science side and here's my intuition side, and I love that you're the same way, that whole brain integration and the working from both places instead of villainizing one over the other, I have to be in this camp over here with the science people or I'm over here in this camp with the intuitive people.
That's an artificial separation. I think that we've decided somewhere along the way has to happen and I'd love to see it come back together where we're just incorporating all of our natural abilities, whether they're scientific or whether in intuitive, and putting that all together
Julia Marie (06:58):
Well, and we're on the way. Physics now is explaining metaphysics, so the blurring of the line thank God is happening. But I totally agree. I get that a lot. People ask me, how am I able to be woo and logical at the same time? And I don't know, it's just how my brain works. I know that's the goal for all of us, and the more we can learn to strengthen whichever side of us is weaker, we'll expand your capacity for
receiving information anyway and the quality of the information that comes to you.

Dr. Susan Fay (07:40):
Right, exactly. It just feels like one informs the other, and I think that's probably how you feel yours works too. It's like if they took one of those away from us, it would not feel like we were whole.
Julia Marie (07:55):
When the insight comes, the pieces of the puzzle and how it fits comes from the logical side of my brain. The pattern seeking part of my brain is what makes sense of what comes to me from the field. So I wouldn't be able to be who I am or understand what I do without utilizing both sides of my brain.
Dr. Susan Fay (08:17):
Absolutely. And we don't seem to teach that to kids in school. It's almost like they have to pick their camp that which one are you going to go to? Are you going to be an artist? Are you going to be a scientist? And why is that have to be a choice? We think of people like Leonardo da Vinci who could do
both so beautifully well and look at what he was able to do when he integrated both sides of his brain and used both of
Julia Marie (08:45):
Them. He's a great example because he was not only incredibly creative, but he used a lot of science in the things that he created and also was an incredible inventor. So yes, Leonardo is the perfect example of whole brain functioning at its finest
Dr. Susan Fay (09:04):
And what is that person considered genius.
Julia Marie (09:07):
Dr. Susan Fay (09:08):
Because I don't think you get to genius necessarily without that integration.
Julia Marie (09:13):
I would agree actually. When I think about the people that have made the biggest discoveries or leaps forward, there's always some kind of quantum creativity involved in there that could only have come from that intuitive side, the story of you in Tank. That's my favorite story in the book. So if you would like to share that journey, all of the components are in that story. So if you wouldn't mind sharing,
Dr. Susan Fay (09:43):
Well kind of backtracking. There's an interesting story, backtrack story before Tank came about then, and it it's really interesting how things had to come together for that horse to come into my life. I had to be married before and then stay friends with my former sister-in-law who then ended up boarding a horse at my ranch and then her moving to England and saying, I can't pay all the board I owe you. Would
you like this mayor? And I take the mayor and I bred her to a local stallion not too far from my house, and that's where Tank came from. So it's all of these intricate little connections that happened that had to take place in order for that to culminate in the story I'm going to tell you. And if I had tried to orchestrate that or manifest that horse into my life, I could not have done it.
It was so beautifully done by the universe that I'm like, oh, this is so perfect. So anyway, tank when he came out, clearly his nickname is Tank and he was so big compared to my other Morgans when they were born, they were all about 50, 60 some pounds. When Ted came out, he was a hundred pounds, and that's gigantic for a horse. And he really towered over all my other horses that were his same age
and people started telling me, you're not good enough to train this horse. You, he's going to be too much for you. You need to forget it. You need to send him off to somebody. And I kept thinking about listening to what other people told me about my capabilities. I would always cave and say, oh yes, I'll send this horse out to somebody else for training because clearly I'm not good enough.
What would happen is those horses would come back to me and it was like a piece of them was missing. They stole the essence from that horse during the training and that horse could do all the maneuvers, but I felt like their soul was gone or there was a piece of it that got crushed down. And I kept thinking, I don't want that to happen to tank, and I really don't care if he ever goes out in the world and people see
all his capabilities because I'll know what he is. He seemed like this horse that was, even though he is really large, if I were to say, what is this personality? It would've been like surfer dude. Oh dude, I got all sorts of talent, but hey, I'm just hanging. I don't have a whole lot of need to be in the spotlight, or I'm just good at just being.
And so I took it slow with him and people were so critical. It's like he should be further along than that. You should be doing this or that with him. And I was thinking now his essence, I'm trying to preserve his essence here and who he is and not get that lost in the training and the need for me as a human to have him do something that will prove to other people that I know what I'm doing. I didn't care about any of
that. I still do not care about that kind of stuff. I just nurtured the relationship with him. And that was when I was starting to kind of think about these other things. Is it possible for me to actually communicate with my own horse? Because what, up until that point, I really would call other people to do animal communication with my animals or I would think that I didn't have that ability, but other people did with him.
It just felt like I could feel it. But then I was thinking maybe the way I communicate with animals is different than the way these other people do that maybe the need for words is not so important as the feeling and that other type of connection. And at this point in time, I didn't understand the energy that I'll talk about later to the same degree I do now. This relationship was a catalyst for me to start looking
into why is that happening? Why am I communicating with this horse? So I kind of fast forward several years and he's doing really well. I just take into a show here and there and he just does really well and I'm like, oh, this is great, and he's happy and I'm feel like I'm preserving his desire to want to do the work. And it came down to I had prepared for years and I just took him and nurtured him through and
it's like, okay, putting one little piece together at a time, and I thought, okay, now I've got it, and this horse has so much talent we're going to, we qualified for this big national show in Oklahoma City, and
right before we were ready to go, my ex-husband says, Hey, I'm leaving.
(14:42):Your dream of the horses is over. Essentially he kind of took away my ability to go. It's like he wanted me not to be able to go to that event, and so all the bank accounts were frozen and I didn't have cash. I'm out in the middle of nowhere on a ranch. I didn't deal in cash. I d dealt in bartering, so he was the holder
of all those things, monetary, and so I was like, wow, I don't get to go do that thing and don't think he wanted it because I think underlying everything, he was starting to see the intuition and the scariness come to the surface and it terrified him. It terrified him what the horses did for me that he couldn't understand. I think he was so afraid that he had to leave that relationship, but he couldn't do it in a nice
It had to be dramatic. And so just going forward, it's like, well, I really like to go to that show and somehow, I think I said in the book, and I remember now as I'm talking, it's like, well, what if I could get a credit card and I just put the expenses for this trip on my credit card and I'll worry about that later because what I really wanted was an experience with this horse and somehow deep down in my soul, I knew that this was a soul journey I had to take that had nothing to do with us winning or doing anything
at the show. It was something about I had to go on that journey alone and prove to myself, and this is when you let intuition guide and you don't ask too many questions. It's like, I know I'm supposed to go to that show.
Before all of this, I'd been practicing a lot of visualization and communicating with horses through visual means, and I had gotten that pretty good and there was that other piece of that where I felt I visualized our ride there to the point where it was so real that all I had to do was show up there and it was going to turn out in this wonderful way, and it wasn't that I tried to manifest, I'm going to win by this much or I'm going to do this. All I manifested was I want to feel what it's like to ride in that arena, what it's like to have those ribbons on the horse and there that wind when you're riding down to except the war and these big ribbon just creating kind of cluttering and that feeling of air on you. I did a lot of visualization
on those things, not about I'm going to win this, but just what does it feel like to ride in that arena if you won?
Go back and read my book. I talk about all the steps I did in my visualization of that event and it was very much about the feeling of it. When I visualize, I like to put in the sight, sound, smells, taste, whatever, and then the strong emotion is what locks that in and makes it real in your mind. Okay, so well, I visualized a long time and it seems like it's really real that I go to that show and we do really well, so somehow I'm going to get to the show and so the credit card comes just in. All those things fell into
place again. I packed the horse up by myself, drive a thousand miles to Oklahoma City by myself going, I have no idea why I am being guided to do this. When I got to this show, it was interesting because it was so much fun because it was a place where I went to once a year and I would see people I didn't see, and so I'm going around and I'd by myself and I'd put my horse away and people are looking at me like, you
are here by yourself.
We have a team of people to take care of all this. So they didn't take me seriously. Plus I was going around and was talking to people and I was laughing and I was having a good time, and I could see when I came back to where my horse was boarded there that the people across were really mad because they kept saying, you shouldn't be here if you are not serious. And I'm like, what's that supposed to look like?
And would my horse think that would be a good thing if I were serious, or would he have more fun if I was having fun? I really had absolutely zero expectations, but somehow deep in my soul, I still knew I was walking into that picture, that destiny you might say, of what was going to happen. What was really
interesting is that when we went, I just went through my normal, get him ready, go warm up, come back, and then it came time to here's our classes, and I just spent a moment sitting on him and I remember saying, or thinking to him, now it's when we show ourselves what we're made of.
Can we overcome this sadness, this uncertainty of where our life is going to go and be in this present moment and do this? And it's almost like he said, yep, I got it. I got us. It's one of those, when people talk about being in the zone, it's like each one of the rides was in the zone. But what was very interesting and something that I noticed is that compared to the other writers who were stressed out and they're
over preparing and they're getting everything ready, that when we went into the ring, I was completely relaxed because I had seen the rides thousands of times in my mind, I've just had to sit on him and go, okay, we just ride around here and it's fine. What I think happened, people started coming to watch our rides, which it's really boring to watch dressage. I mean, I wouldn't watch it myself and I write, it was
interesting that people were coming into the stands and sitting there to watch and then they would leave When we were gone, I kept going, I wonder what it is, and then I noticed it's like, oh, they're coming to sit in the energy of what it feels like to watch us ride because there's no tension there.
We're riding in a space that's different than what people see. We, we've gone to a different world. We are creating a different energetic field in this space when we come into it. That to me was the impetus, the catalyst for me to go, wait a minute, and all these factors came together, those things that I was guided to work on, visualization and learning about myself and calming techniques and meditation and
all of those things, it's like, oh my gosh, it's about creating this space and in that space there's effortless.
You don't have to do anything. The connection to tank was what I call communion instead of just I'm sitting on a horse and I'm riding. It was like I was sitting on a being and we became one together almost the same way that we talk about our brains becoming one, our scientific brain and our intuitive brain becoming one.
It felt like that same sort of fusion where I could no longer separate myself from my horse, that I felt what he felt, he felt what I felt when I came off of that weekend mean he ended up winning like five national championships and two world championships. I didn't even try and that was not the goal. The goal when I went there was I want to have my last ride on this horse and I want to experience it to the
biggest degree that I can immerse myself in that experience. When I came off of it and I went home and I thought, you know what I'm going to do? I'm going to go study why that happened to me and all the factors that came about, and really that one event experience is what led me to be doing what I do now, and it's really not about, I realize now that my lesson was not about you're going to win some ribbons.
My lesson was, what are you going to do in your life that's going to make other people's lives better or different? So that's really where I work from Now. I feel like I'm just guided and where do I go from now? I don't know, but I just feel like I'm just letting the intuition guide me to the next place that I'll be and how I'm going to teach this. And I have made it a point where I really don't do a lot of advertising. It
comes about because of word of mouth, mostly someone that has worked with me and then they come and say, I heard somebody else had this experience and I want to know how to do that experience too.
Julia Marie (23:35): Organic is actually quite effective. It really is. And one of the reasons why I wanted to have you share your story is for the very reason you just explained the feeling, the visualizing what it is, doing your part
in the dance with the field of creation in order to make something that you knew was a part of your destiny manifest. Yes, you had to put it on a credit card, but you also followed without too much question, that intuition that you knew that said, I need to go this way, and you trusted and you had faith and the result was a profound experience that provides a context and a framework for everything you do.
Dr. Susan Fay (24:30):
Julia Marie (24:31):
That's available to all of us.
Dr. Susan Fay (24:34):
I don't know about you, but I was never a person to go, oh, I could do that thing. And so I think just for me, when I go out there, I always go, well, why is it I'm talking about this now that I'm older and I maybe not as shiny as some of the people on YouTube or that are out there saying things. And so somebody has to see past a lot of bias about, oh, an older person wouldn't know about horses or You're past your prime. You wouldn't know and just go, what if I can do this? I'm the model four. You can do this because
there's nothing special other than I paid attention to some of these things and I practice them a lot. Nothing is if you want something like that, knowing how to get there and then practicing that thing.
Julia Marie (25:24):
What I do like to remind people of is knowledge is information, but wisdom. The wisdom you're sharing with us today comes only through experience. That's the only way you get wisdom. So that's the one thing on the side of those of us that have a few more miles on our vehicles and other people is there's wisdom there.
Dr. Susan Fay (25:48):
And that's such a beautiful thing because I think your experiences become your intuition about a certain thing that comes up. So there's many kinds of intuition as you know, but one of them is based on, I did that before at some point in my life, and what was the experience with that? And it goes into your brain and then when you are presented with something that's similar, your brain goes back and goes, Hey, it's
kind of like this other thing that my
Julia Marie (26:16):
Book matches.
Dr. Susan Fay (26:17):
Yeah. So there's that kind of internal experiential intuition, and then I think a lot of times you and I both connect to that universal
Julia Marie (26:30):
Dr. Susan Fay (26:30):
Knowledge field, whatever you want to call it for information that maybe we haven't had that experience in, and can we go to that place and tap into other people's experiences from that place?
Julia Marie (26:44):
But it can start from that place that you were talking about, that internal, that's the seed for all of it that would come after.
Dr. Susan Fay (26:53):
Julia Marie (26:55):
Sacred spaces. It's a beautiful little book. And even though the focus is on the relationship between humans and horses, I can see how so much of what you talk about has broader application. What prompted you to write the book itself?
Dr. Susan Fay (27:14):
It was interesting at the time, because I was pre covid and I was thinking about writing a book maybe about 20 17, 20 18, it's, it was in my mind. And at that time, especially in the horse world, you didn't dare talk about this topic. And I thought, but it's very important and it needs to be out there. And maybe if in my lifetime nobody hears me speak about it, that somehow if I put it down in written form that it will simmer somewhere and when the time's right it will come out and people will find it. So I thought about the book and it's like, okay, I really don't want this to be lost information. What I went through, how I found these different things. And so one night I was thinking, okay, what should I write about?
What should I write about? And oh yeah, it has to be my life and how am I going to do that?
And the day before I had spoken to my father and he writes a lot of books, so he's very adept at all that writing kind of stuff. And so my dad, I spoke to him and he had some really good advice. He said, write the book as if you're speaking to someone and forget about grammar, forget about all those technical things you learned about how to write properly. Just have a conversation. And my brain was going, oh God, that's too hard and I'll never follow through with that. And then I thought, well, what if I connect to
the internet of intuition, which I call, it's that universal thing and say, how do I write this book? What should it be about? And it's very interesting how I believe in that other field that all of your thoughts, they go, oh, here, we will synthesize that all for you.
You don't have to worry about it and we'll put it all together. And so I just went to bed and it relaxed stays and said, how do I do the book? And about I think around two or three o'clock in the morning, I read the whole book front to front finish because it's in the field, everything's already been or has been or will, it's all there. I just had to tap into my future book and read it. And then I got up and started writing it from the start to the finish. And I've thought, wow, that's so much easier than the other way.
And it really came up as like, okay, so yeah, I wrote the book. Now what do I do with that? And there's so much technical stuff and I'm, God just put it on Amazon even though I'm not real fond of that.
(30:01):But they will print it out. And if anybody, I don't have to spend a lot of money and print out a whole bunch of books that maybe nobody will ever buy. I could just put it on print, on demand on Amazon, and we'll see what happens. My intention when I wrote it and all of that was that it will find the people it's meant to. And that was my universal marketing plan. And it's interesting because it sat there for a few
years and I kept saying, thinking if the right horse person finds it, then it will expand. And yes, that happened. And I didn't send the book to this person. It was December 31st and I think it was 2019 maybe. And I was thinking, universe, if you want me to keep doing this work, you'll have to, I need a sign, otherwise I'm going to go and do this other thing.
Because nothing was really happening with me. The horses, it was here and there and I'm like, okay, I could go do these other things. I could paint houses or I could do these other things and is that where I should put my focus? Is it that or should it be this horse thing? And I just went to bed and said, God, universe, if this is what I'm supposed to do, I need to see a sign, otherwise I'm going to go a different direction. And I swear, January 1st, 2020 I think it is, I think I'm getting the dates right, or 2019, a friend
of mine goes on Facebook and says, look what this big time horse person just posted about your book.
And I'm like, what? And he has thousands and thousands of followers all over the world. And I'm like, how did he get my book?
And he's talking about this book. That's my book he's talking about. And I'm like, how did that even happen since I didn't send it? And I kept saying to all my friends who sent him the book, who sent him the book, and no, we don't know. And finally this other lady says, I don't know you, but I sent him the book cause I thought he should read it. That place of going, I guess it was surrender, like I'm okay if this
isn't my path, is I still feel it was, but if that's not what my path is supposed to be, I'm going to be able to be happy and I'll still be doing sacred spaces stuff, but in whatever other field I choose to go into, I will incorporate those same principles. So that was kind of a long story, but an interesting way that when we surrender often those things we want the most come.
Julia Marie (32:35):
Well, that and the fact that you asked for a sign and you received one. That's the other thing I tell people ask. It will come. The field is interactive. Yeah, pretty profound.
Dr. Susan Fay (32:51):
Julia Marie (32:52):
You did sort of mention some of the science behind it. And if you don't mind, before we close out this section, could you talk a little bit about the brain waves
Dr. Susan Fay (33:05):
Part of my study, I went after the tank experience and I thought, what area of study do I want to go into that's going to enhance this and really help me explain a lot of things? And psychology is good because it can go into the neuroscience, it can go into our thoughts, our behaviors, all of those different things.
And I was just thinking the answer is in there. It's about something about the energy we create when we think a certain thing or have a certain emotion. And so I really delved into the science of what happens when we change our thoughts. So there's so much science on when they hook someone up to an e e g electroencephalograph and you will see where the brain is actually producing electrical activity. And
when you think something different or do something different, it changes that electrical activity in the brain.
And I thought, well, that has to apply here because I believe as prey animals, horses are very connected to the energy feel around them so that they can determine whether something is safe or not without having to be right on top of it. They can feel energy waves in the environment. And if our brain is producing energy waves of different frequencies based on what we're thinking or our intention, then
clearly that probably has something to do with how they're acting. The same thing. We are an electromagnetic being our heart is also producing electromagnetic energy. So we're sending energy out through our heart by our emotion that we might have, and it's creating a particular frequency around us. And anything in that field around us will feel that particular frequency and react in a certain way. So
if, I mean we can control both our thoughts and our emotions, so therefore we can control the electromagnetic energy that we're emitting out into the field.
This is a huge one for me because then it means I can be accountable for how people act around me, how animals react to me, how I communicate, all of these things. It's like it just expands this horizon to, whoa, how many people go around and don't even realize that they are impacting other people with their thoughts or their emotions. But we see it all the time. We into it in our bodies. So I'm always about
now teaching people, okay, let's go out and we will observe the horse as you go through different thoughts and emotions in your body, and I'm going to tell you how to create certain frequencies and all that, and we're going to watch what the reaction is from that horse. And the horses are so good. And it's like the people are going, wow, you mean I just changed what I thought or felt or how I breathe?
And that changed what that horse's reaction was to me or his behavior, or he stopped doing a behavior I didn't want. It's simple yet it takes some practice because what you've got to be doing in yourself is really understanding what am I thinking? What am I feeling? And are those two together? Then what am I emitting into the energy field? This application, we talked about animal communication in this, but
everything that I do is about how do we communicate with people too at another level, that silent level. And we're doing it all the time, but we're doing it unconsciously, unconsciously for the most part. And to bring that unconscious, how we affect other people into our conscious awareness gives us a lot of power because then we can walk into a space and say, I'm going to intentionally create a sacred space, or I'm
going to intentionally hold this frequency of safety and comfort. Let's say I use that a lot with animals, safety and comfort and the way I breathe holds that energy. And I just keep feeling that. How does safety and comfort feel in my body? And then my field around me says, ah, safe, comfortable person.
And a lot of times it calms a, whether it's a dog, cat, whatever, it will calm that animal. They may want to come into your space.
So we often think about, yeah, we repel, especially in the horse world, that a person goes to catch the horse. It's really, they got the halter in, they got the intention, I'm going to catch that horse, and what did they do in their body? Their body aligned with, I need to catch that horse. And there's an intensity to that, and then their body reflects that intensity. It becomes stiff and unnatural and has an agenda and
the horse goes, woo, no way. And I'm going to go down to the field here, and I'm going to make it hard for you to catch me because I don't want to be around that energy. The very simplest things are just change your breathing, which changes your brain waves immediately. If we, we'll talk a little bit about, mm-hmm. <affirmative>, how I do the breathing and then be aware, do I need to catch the horse or do I
want the horse to catch me because I'm really fun, interesting, safe, comfortable. You'll see the horse goes, oh, I want to be in your space. I want to follow you around. And it, it's so simple in principle, often hard for people to do because it takes some practice because we're so used to just thinking, doing, not no awareness of what's going on internally in ourselves. But once you have stuff, it's like, oh, why didn't
I know this before?
Julia Marie (38:59):
I'm glad you explained it the way you did, because it kind of gives people a roadmap for where we're going. It's a good place to end this. Thanks so much for sharing that, Susan. And there's so much more for us to talk about. I'd like to just ask you to stay tuned and we'll come back and continue this conversation in another episode. And so before we close, would you like to tell people how they can get
in touch with you and where they can find your book?
Dr. Susan Fay (39:28):
Yes. Again, I said my book is on Amazon, so you can go to Amazon and it's Sacred Spaces, communion with the Horse Through Science and Spirit, and it's available in a paperback. I did an audiobook and then
also an ebook, so it's available in all those formats. And then you can get in touch with
me@drsusanfaye.com. That's my website. And then my Facebook group that I have associated with all this is called Sacred Spaces Forward slash Sacred Wisdom. And you can go on there and ask, it's a private group, so you answer all the questions, and then the administrator will let you into that site. And it's one where we share a lot of the experiences people have with incorporating some of these ideas in with
their animals, whether they're cats, dogs, horses, whatever, or people <laugh>.
Julia Marie (40:29):
That's our time for this episode of Evolving Humans. Thanks for continuing to support us with subscriptions, shares, ratings, and reviews. All of this helps us reach more people and contribute to the evolution of consciousness on this planet. I'll leave you with a quote from the show for you to contemplate as you go about your day: When we surrender, often those things we want the most, come. Dr. Susan Fay